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About Us


Client Focused Accountants

Our success is dictated by your success and financial well-being, as a team and a firm we understand that. As a result we have an approach that is relentlessly client focused. We will bill, we are not worried about the billing, however its not our priority - You are. 


Our Story

Having worked at Canada's largest multinational accounting firms, like PwC, KPMG and recently MNP, where the founders of OpenGate Professional Accountants have met, we have gained valuable experience in tax, accounting & advisory. However, we have also pinpointed the downfalls places like these have and we decided to start OpenGate, a non-judgmental, technology driven and client focused accounting firm that always puts the client first. Hence the name OpenGate, a firm that doesn't judge clients based on their unique situations, a firm that allows open easy access for all clients through technology and a place that has their doors always open to service our clients whether its tax, accounting or general business advice. 

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Meet The Team

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Let's sit down & talk about you.

We would love to talk about you and/or your business. Book a free consultation.

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